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Garrison city utilities include water, sewer, landfill, garbage and storm water drainage. To apply for service, fill out this form and return it to the City Office. The City requires a $200 deposit for utility service, payable with application.



A resident moving out is required to notify the City Office and fill out a 'Moving Out' form, so billing can be finalized. If form is not filled out, or City is not notified, billing continues until notified. 

Landlords are required to notify the City if a renter is moving out/moving in. If landlords/owners would like a temporary stop of services because the house will be vacant, you can fill out this form.

Utility Bill (water/sewer/landfill/garbage/storm water drainage) 

Utility bills are due the 15th of the month. Delinquent bills cost you money. We have a $25 late fee, if not paid on time.
There are several ways to pay your utility bill:
1. The blue 'Pay Your Bill' tab on this website. This will take you directly to

2. Online at anytime. There is a 2.95% processing fee. Note: this is the only city-authorized on-line payment site. 
3. Set up automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Fill out this form to sign up, or obtain the form from the City Office. There are no extra fees and you can discontinue the service up to 20 business days prior to the withdrawal date.

4. Drop payment off at City Office.

5. Drop payment in the drop on the side of the maintenance building on Birch Ave.

6. Mail payment in. Garrison Public Works; PO Box 130, Garrison, IA 52229. It must be received by the 15th, and/or postmarked by the 15th.


Ways to receive your statement

1. Receive your bill via email and pay using one of the options listed above. Fill out this form to sign up. This is the preferred option.
2. Receive your bill via postal mail and pay using one of the options listed above.

Utility Notices and Water Shut Off Policy

Delinquency Notice timeline: 

  • 1st day of month – Utility bills sent via email (mailed on last day of month)

  • 15th day of month – Utility bills are due

  • 16th day of month - Late fee of $25 incurred 

  • A shut off notice will be sent in the next monthly bill

  • If not paid by 15th of the following month, utilities are shut off on the 16th. $100 reconnect fee is attached to utilities when the order is sent out regardless if you come in and pay before it is actually shut off.

  •  Water is not turned back on until all overdue utility bills and fees are paid in full.

  • Dates referenced above are typical dates. Dates that fall on weekends and holidays or that are impacted by weather or other events advance to next regular workday. 

Water System


Wastewater Collection System and Treatment

Storm Water Dreainage Utility

The City of Garrison established a Storm Water Drainage Utility in 2022. 


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